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It took a while for a 20 something year old to finally confess that I have a serious obsession with guys in underwear but finally I have made the leap. Yes my brethren and friends, I’M A PROUD UNDERWEAR ADDICT. Since I was in high school and watching the soccer team change in the locker room, I have always fantasized jockstraps, underwear and hot boys just showing off their athletic smooth bodies. This is a site for underwear addicts and jock admirers to cum together and enjoy. XO, Jockaholic

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Gym stud

Everytime I work out at my school gym there's this cute guy blondish, smooth 21yo looking guy who's so beautiful. Such a distraction! I can only picture him naked like this guy from

Summer fun

Gosh one more week till my bf comes back and I just want to do all this to him when he's finally home. I waited for more than 1.5 months! Let's just say I'm wicked horny for my babe.

Boston Pride stud

There I was trying to be good and all and then right when I entered the gay pride block party at Stuart street in Boston one fine sunny Sunday afternoon, a cute flawlessly skinned blue eyed , dark haired guy was sitting at one of the chairs waiting for.. ? no one I guess but he caught my attention and I saw him around dancing and having a great time. He was another yummy boy. This model reminds me of him . Check out for more pics of this hottie

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Blond Stud

I saw this guy walk past by me last night and he smiled at me and I smiled back. He was wearing a white thing sweater with cute blue madras shorts. He reminded me of my bf who I miss so much. This pic reminds me of him.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ice Cream man

I went to the Haagan Daz ice cream place at Copley Mall in Boston today and boy was I surprised to meet such a hunky down to earth looking guy in his 20s servicing scoops of yummy ice cream! Me and my friends had to ask whether he was taken or not and he said he had a gf. Awww. One of my friends esp. had an eye on him. I had to order a Triple Crunch Caramel ice cream atleast. MMMM made my day

Monday, May 29, 2006

Hot Sites and their Hot Men

This guy is SOOOO beautiful. I think he's eastern european. I'm soo in love with him. mmmm. Check out that site:

They have beautiful models and if you have a jock and suit fetish. This site is for you!

Porn Stars and Amateurs

Nothing like fresh cum! mmmm

I just want some of this! Every night!!

Summer Jockscapades

International Jock has a new model. He's boylicous!

It seems that when the weather gets hotter I can't help but not jackoff 4x a day! Ugh. Is this normal? Where are all the hot men in Boston ? Parading in Newbury Street? Hooking up on Craiglist or Manhunt? I just want to see a nice hot jock bod like this!! yUmmmm..